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All my entries are now locked ok ;_;

so im sorry if you wanted to read some of my entries...

try pming me if you want to but i've enough problems 2 deal w/ right now...

Nya nya nya~ :3

Nothing much to say actually...ei guess what, no classes on friday and next monday!
Let's drink 'til the brink [?], kampai! ^w^-

Oh and check this out: http://junosama.deviantart.com/

Her gallery is sugeh and her current 'work in progress' is totemo kawaii desu! <3

A random pic for CB-chan, Sakura, and all of you lurkers out there!

Luffy luffy desu~
Konbanwa minna-san. *bow* ^_^

I went out to watch Jumper today with Sakura... ^^; I wsa honestly disappointed by the fact that the story had... not that much plot development desu .___.;; And btw, Rachel Bilson is teh suck. >.> I'm not fond of her. She has OC written all over her forehead. ><; The effects were cool but that was it. D:< It's basically like Transformers- nothing but a fireworks display.

*coughcough*haven't done my homework so gtg*coughcough*


PS: As you can see, turns out I didn't have to leave for Sunday and I was able to un-cancel my little date with Sakura 8D


Guess what happens this Sunday~ Tehe~ It's  None other thaaaaan--- ^_____^~!!!!!

.... Hi. mi. tsu! (secret)

*Gets hit on the head by CB-chan* Gyabo..! Okay, I'll spoil it. Mou. >.>
It's the birthday of  poring sakura!!!!

 Yatta!! Sakura-chan ha ju go sai desu!!! :3 <3

So, okay... I'm posting it WAY early 'cause I'm not here on Sunday and Saturday... desu.... WAAAAI GOMENE SAKU-CHAN!!!!!! ;O; Uguu... I really tried to beg my mom but she wouldn't say no!! I have to attend a stupid wedding... and I don't even know the cousin who's about to be married. omgwtfbbq. I promise I'll make it up to you next week! I'll treat you and stuff, I'm so sorry I had to cancel last minute. :'( E... Etou. Uh... Think of it this way... a...anou... You get to play RO some more! :D

.... *runs in shame* T_T


Frankly,I quite don't see why everyone thinks Roxas is uke.See,I'll tell you a few things that go in my opinion more. >.>

OMG I found this on the internet and I ttly agree with it D:

1.When Axel "fades away" after their battle,Roxas doesn't do anything.An uke would cry out or cry or something.
2.When they see each other for the last time,AXEL cries.Ukes cry.
3.When Roxas leaves,Axel admitts he would miss Roxas and looks about ready to cry. :P
4.Roxas is more calm and composed about Axel,a sign of seme-ness.
5.When Axel's dying,he admits he wanted to see Roxas.He sounds like an uke,not seme.

I swear, I simply hate fics that portray Roxas as an uke, because he is SO NOT. >_> Free Roxas from this injustice! Axel is the true uke! D:< !!!


Konbanwa minna-san!! Te~he~ XD I thought it was time to get a livejournal... but I dont really have any experience with blogs. All I ever do is to log in and write my fics and watch anime one crunchyroll.

Oh!! guess what? I finally got myself to watched tsubasa chronicles' first season and let me tell you it was really sad! It made me cry a bit especially the part in Outo where Sakura sang and had flashbacks! :( It must really hurt to not remember anything, not even the one you love D:... I'm not really a fan of het... but still... I'm a sucker for these plots. =P

ah well, I'll just talk about school... >___> So today in math we had number problems. Not only that, we had digit problems too. Ugh, I couldn't listen to my teacher she was so effing boring I couldnt keep my eyes open, I swear!! I hate it when she tries to give us advance stuff.. desu. >.<

Mou! I give up =_=



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